Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity volunteer program for women who want to learn construction skills and make a difference by building homes and communities. We invite women to devote at least one day to help families build strength, stability and independence through housing. Since the program was launched in 1998, over 2,200 homes have been built in partnership with low-income families using Women Build crews. This year, women in Greater Manchester will work on our at our new site in Manchester. 

Each volunteer commits to contribute or raise through donations at least $75 towards constructions costs for the day they attend.

Help make Women Build memories for your friend or loved one by making a donation today!

Donations purchase supplies such as:

$10 = Box of Nails            $75 = Window

        $25 = Roof Shingles           $100 = Kitchen Sink

 $50 = Low Flow Toilet           $150 = Front Door